Get Active

Being active means different things to different people. Whatever activity you enjoy, we have programs, tips and information below that can help you get up and get moving.

Verdant Programs

Heath Access Program for Underserved Communities

Dance for Parkinson’s

Program Funded: June 2015 – June 2016

People with Parkinson’s, caregivers and friends can enjoy and benefit from the dance and live music offered through the Dance for Parkinson’s 8-week program hosted at the Center for Healthy Living in Lynnwood.

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Everyday Prevention Program

Program funded: January 2015 – December 2017

How do non-English speakers access health and wellness education? For first-generation immigrants, the answer may be that they simply don’t. The Verdant Health Commission partnered with Korean Women’s Association at the beginning of 2015 to make it easier for Korean and Vietnamese speakers to learn how to manage their health and navigate the health care system.

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Woodway Recreation Project

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Tips & Info

Strength training myths

If you haven’t started lifting weights, it may be because you have run into some of the myths about strength training. Read on to dispel these myths and to get the facts about strength training.

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Jog or walk? Both boost your health

Nearly all studies show that jogging provides slightly more benefits for your bones, muscles, heart, and lungs. But walking has gained a lot of ground in the last decade or so as a viable exercise. It strengthens bones, tones muscles, and helps your cardiovascular system.

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Exercise goals for healthy living

Making exercise part of your daily life isn’t hard if you make it a priority. To do that, you need to develop goals and an exercise plan that matches your needs and interests.

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Answers to your questions about arthritis and exercise

If you have arthritis, you may think you shouldn’t exercise because it could make your condition worse. But health care providers and physical therapists claim that people with arthritis can improve their health and fitness through exercise, without damaging their joints, according to the Arthritis Foundation.

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Fall: There’s still time to hike outdoors

If you feel like you’ve missed your chance to hike and walk outdoors this summer, think again. With the weather expected to stay sunny for a while longer, hikes and outdoor walks are still an option for you and your family.

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